My name is Roger Harris and I have been a Doctor Who fan all of my life. I was born in 1965 and even now I can still remember watching Patrick Troughton as Doctor Who even though I would only have been about 4 years old.


In 1980, I wrote to Patrick Troughton to ask him for an autographed photo and he sent me a letter dated 20th August 1980. This is that letter.




A couple of years later, I wrote to him again for an autograph photo and he sent me another letter, this time dated 28th January 1982



It is very rare for a celebrity to send you a hand-written letter. I was very impressed.  In 1985 I actually got to meet him. I attended a Doctor Who convention held at Brighton over a three day period, 26th, 27th and 28th July 1985. I can't remember the day on which Patrick Troughton attended but I think it was the last day. If anybody knows the exact date - please let me know! I queued for ages to get his autograph and I was the second to last person in an extremely long queue. He signed a Doctor Who related scrapbook I have "Pat Troughton".

I remember him finishing signing the last autograph and posing for a picture with the last fan (if only I had taken a camera!) and then he put his coat on and said "Well, if that's everybody, I'll be off then" or words to that effect. Nice man. It was a privilege to meet him ............